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Emulsift Mixers Ultra-High Viscosity Vacuum Model No: SL---50L (Mass production type) General description: Ultra-high viscosity and vacuum mixer is made upby adopting offunctional Combination of quickemulsifying and low speed mixing.In the process, the materials are handled repeatedly by heavy shearing,compressing, grinding, homomixing and sispersing. On special design,the paddle will scrape the material attached on the inner wall ofthe tankoff as it rotates, and then increasing the effect of mixing. In the case ofhigh efficiency of this machine high viscosity, fine particles andhomogeneous fluid with soft and beautiful color can be attained in awhole process. Mechanical dimension: Model No:SL---50L Full capacity:90L Processing quantity:50L Emulsifying:2HP Agitating:1/2HP Vacuum:1/2HP Hydraulic:1HP Electrical heating: 9kgw Length:1600 Width: 870 Height:1950 Rising cover height: 2525 Voltage: 220V3P60Hz Other features: 1.Easy emulsifying through for ultra-high viscosityMaterials(more than 50,000 C.P.S.). 2.feed matteriais by sucking into the tank directly. 3.Vacuuming, heating and cooling. 4.Finishing the micro-grinding, emulsifying, agitating,homomixing and dispersing in a short time. 5.Individually use Homo-mixer or Paddle mixre. 6.Operated automatically, push buttom controls.Stainless steel for liquid contact parts to resist corrosion. Purposes: Foods、Pharmaceutical product、Cosmetics、Chemical

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